Java full stack
Full Time

Recruitment Company Name

  • DEzen Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd.


  • 6-9 years
  • Java, SPringBoot, React JS ,Angular,HTML, CSS ,JavaScript.


  • Java, SPringBoot, React JS ,Angular,HTML, CSS ,JavaScript.

Job Description

  • • Advanced knowledge in Java programming language.

    • Advanced knowledge in Spring Boot framework.

    • Advanced knowledge in the following Spring Boot components (Auto Configuration, Bean

    validations, Profiles, Rest Template, Spring Messages and Internationalization, Spring Security to

    implement Authentication (JWT authentication) & Authorization, Exception Handling with

    @ControllerAdvice, Database Transactions, Java Persistence API, JPA and REST Controller).

    • Advanced knowledge in Maven or Gradle.

    • Advanced knowledge in REST APIs.

    • Basic Knowledge in Thymeleaf, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

    • Familiarity with database technology such MongoDB.

    • Knowledge of one of the cloud platforms (AWS, Azure or Bosch IoT Cloud)

    • Good knowledge with Unit Testing with JUnit or Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) with


    • Good knowledge with Git.

    • Knowledge in Jhispter.

    • Experience on RabbitMQ

    • Experience on UML, design Pattern and release process

    • Experience in NodeJS

    • Knowledge in Apache camel

    • Knowledge in Websocket with Stomp

    • Knowledge in CI/CD with Jenkin

    • Knowledge on third party database library like liquibase, hazelcast distribute cache.

    • Knowledge in Dockerizing

    • Experience in static analyzer like SonarQube


    • Proficiency in front-end languages like React JS, Angular

    • Knowledge in Kubernetes

Job Details

  • Role
    Java full stack
  • Job Type
    Full Time
  • Location
  • Offered Salary
    Case to case
  • Posted
  • Experience
    6-9 years
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